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CBC News

Various media engagements across TV, radio, and digital.

Momentive (formerly known as SurveyMonkey)

“...this was such a poignant discussion, I loved it and got so many messages already from team members. Your points felt so genuine and vulnerable. We had almost 80 people dialed in and the engagement on chat was so good. We also got more questions than we typically get for events like this.”


Toronto Foundation

" attentive listener and made everyone feel heard and respected while expertly keeping the conversation flowing at the right pace.  And managed to work in several key insights in a short amount of time!"

toronto foundation.png

The Canadian-Muslim Vote

Strategic planning, stakeholder consultations, program design, fundraising, communications strategy

TCMV logo.png


Live political commentary and analysis.


Democratic Engagement Exchange

Stakeholder consultation and national election campaign rollout in 9 cities across Canada.

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Green Party of Ontario

"Everyone really enjoyed your person said it was a key highlight of the weekend"

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